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At educonens I help you and accompany you to develop your own project based on personalized teaching. Teaching online is the future of teaching, a reality that is becoming more evident every day. If you work for someone as a second language teacher, or want to start and carry out your own project, with me you will learn the most important things about a quality education through a learner-based approach.

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Customize Your Classes

Advice for a personalized and learner-centered teaching.

Transform Your Teaching

If you are a tutor or ELE teacher, or would like to be, and you want to transform the way you teach to adapt your practice to the new learning needs of this 21st century, you are in the right place.

Advice Given By Me, Silvia Gómez

The consultancies are given by me, silvia gómez, with training and experience in spanish as a foreign language, digital communication and information technologies (tdic / tic) and in the personalization of learning.

What Will You Learn

Learn the best strategies to personalize your classes and some key questions for reflection from your own practice.

Personalized Advice

The consultancies are also personalized. we focus on your specific case to be able to analyze the context of your practice and thus you can personalize your classes as best as possible.

Other Advantages

Includes a sample of my classes and teaching material. i share ideas, tips, resources and more so that you can incorporate them into your online classes.


At this time the quota for teacher consultancies is full. Write to me at to request more information and so that I can notify you when new spaces open.

Personalized Consulting Prices

1 Class
Per Class (55 min.)
5 Classes
32 € Per Class (55 min.)
10 Classes
30 € Per Class (55 min.)​

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